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Connect to The Wall Street Journal

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The Wall Street Journal (available at home to Houston Public Library cardholders)
The Wall Street Journal

Direct access to The Wall Street Journal online. Search defaults to searching the last 90 days' worth of WSJ articles but the advanced search lets you search the last four years.

Users outside the library will need to create a free account, after which you can start using immediately. Your access will be available for the next 3 days. After 3 days, simply return to this page, click the above link again, and log in as an existing user with the same username and password you used when you created your account.

Access includes:

  • digital versions of the print editions
  • the WSJ Magazine
  • profiles, financials, and research & ratings of thousands of companies
  • U.S., Asia, Europe, India, China, and Japan editions

Note: The Wall Street Journal apps do not work for library users, but the digital version works very well with small screen devices.

If you don't have a Houston Public Library card, you may obtain one by visiting this page.

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